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Time To Replace TOYOTA RAV4  ECU


Online shopping for your vehicle auto computers are now click of the button away from your home or auto parts shop. You just need to fill some basic information about your ECM PCM & you are set.


Majority of the vehicle owners face following major problems in their vehicle performance & it signals, its time to replace auto computer- ECM PCM. Here are those vehicle issues in real world from the various Toyota Rav4 owners or auto computer installers:

1.There is Ground issue in ecm and this is a 2 wheel drive.

2. The vehicle may suddenly not shift smoothly and/or it may exhibit harshness in shifting operations during driving.

3. Vehicle stopped (engine running) will not go into gear and while pulled forward on flatbed all wheels were turning but would not roll off.

4. Code P0750.

5. Ive been having transmission slips I’ve taken my vehicle to many places and they say it’s the transmission but that there’s a possibility of it being the computer because there was a recall on the 2002 Toyota RAV 4 for the ECM causing the transmission failures . I’m trying to save as much money possible because if it’s the ECM is the problem then I’m saving 15000 $ for the Trans rebuild . So hopefully the ECM will solve the problem .

6. Trany codes.

7. There are Transmission issues.

8. P0755 code, solenoid B shift.

9. Once in a while it slips most of time In second gear.

10. Shifts into reverse hard sometimes and tries to take off in third gear also shifts hard sometimes.

All the above are the real life vehicle problems reported by the customers while buying new or remanufactured ECM PCM auto computer unit for Toyota Rav4.


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