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Online shopping for your vehicle auto computers are now click of the button away from your home or auto parts shop. You just need to fill some basic information about your ECM PCM & you are set.

Majority of the vehicle owners face following major problems in their vehicle performance & it signals, its time to replace auto computer- ECM PCM. Here are those vehicle issues in real world from the various Dodge Ram Truck owners or auto computer installers:

  1. Vechicle gets stuck in 3rd gear and does not not shift. Mechanic advised that PCM ground is not good and to replace it.
  2. No voltage to fuel pump or intake heater relay.
  3. It’s risky to do into overdrive.
  4. It does not provide power to fuel pump and gauge.
  5. There is difficulty in connecting with gauge.
  6. Difficulty with ECM to get started and connected.
  7. MAP/IAT sensor channels does not read sensors.
  8. Misses bad for 20 miles.
  9. There is P2146 Internal short in injector bank 1 circuit driver.
  10. Truck starts then stalls out after running for a minute, then says no bus in odometer display.
  11. Truck starts then stalls out after running for a minute, then says no bus in odometer display.
  12. No power from ecm to fcm. Smarty programmer will not communicate with ecm. Truck will not start.
  13. Loose pin connector on the PCM.
  14. Intermittent won’t start, cruise control doesn’t work.
  15. DRB unable to communicate with PCMTruck will not start. When PCM is unplugged from truck, engine will start. It was told by the dodge dealer that I needed a PCM.
  16. This vehicle is made for Mexico and owned in Mexico, therefore the odometer read kilometers not miles.
  17. There was problem with fuel volume regulator, that it was in the ECM
  18. Computer is not functioning properly.
  19. Transmission will not shift into second it stays in first.
  20. Not charging. No signal to alternator.

All the above are the real life vehicle problems reported by the customers while buying new or remanufactured ECM PCM auto computer unit for .

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