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Time To Replace Ford F-Series Truck 

Online shopping for your vehicle auto computers are now click of the button away from your home or auto parts shop. You just need to fill some basic information about your ECM PCM & you are set.


Majority of the vehicle owners face following major problems in their vehicle performance & it signals, its time to replace auto computer- ECM PCM. Here are those vehicle issues in real world from the various Ford F-series truck owners or auto computer installers:


  1. The IPR Control Circuit not working.
  2. The Right side injectors are not firing.
  3. No current to injectors and it is not getting started.
  4. It Thrown a idm code and has no power.
  5. It is Hard to start and there is Low fuel pressure.
  6. PCM does not process the PIP signal.
  7. It does not start. There is faulty IDM indicated by diagnostic computer .Truck was used to haul race car mileage may be incorrect.
  8. Poor performance no communication with pcm.
  9. Transmission won’t come out of limp mode.
  10. It runs very rough and I have a code for IDM failure.


All the above are the real life vehicle problems reported by the customers while buying new or remanufactured ECM PCM auto computer unit for Ford F-series truck.


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